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Did sorrow cross your path again?
Have you seen more crime of the same kind happening around as the ones in newspapers recently?
Always attracting the same energy pattern so far?

We are always in a constant energy exchange with the rest of the universe.
Everything is energy. Its not just your deliberate thoughts that become things. Try to see what energy everything brings.

Just like you consume food by eating you are absoring energy by looking at things, reading, watching movies or media, listening to people or sounds and through all your senses including ESP.

Similarly others may be prone to absorbing the energy you generate or reflect.

We can only manifest those vibrations that we think and feel strongly about as they become our beliefs and then materialise.

Do you love watching violent cinema?
Have you been listening to some very sad love songs lately?
Feeling frustrated at the state of the nation?
Economic uncertainty screaming out from newspapers to you recently?
Feeling angry with a sense of injustice?
Feeling bitter about your ex?
Tired with the lies around you?

Now cancel all these out by detatching and cutting those threads of energy vibration that you were absorbing so far.

Choose to be unaffected by negative news.

Choose to surround yourself with and absorb only positive and happy vibrations. More importantly choose to emit these good energies as much as possible.

Read the right literature.
Eat healthy things.
Place beautiful and magical items around.
Listen to uplifting music.
Smell aromatic oils.
Feng shui your space.
Light a candle that symbolises your intent.
Go to satsanga or in other words spend time with enlightened souls.

Yes this means letting go of some of your cherished murder mysteries as well as some of the so called realistic cinema.
This means not meeting those friends who mattered once.
This could mean cutting off the cords with cribby, frustrated and depressing folks even if they are close family.
This means throwing away all those gadgets or furniture that serves you no more or blocks the flow of energy.
And do yourself a favour by burying into earth those stones that are damaged even if they were expensive.
Unsubscribe to and delete from your inbox time wasting mailers.
Stop complaining about government, things you bought, services…

Say only positive things to yourself and to others in Present tense.
Cheer up. Life is good and you are doing very well.
You are now absorbing and radiating goodness.

Blessed be
Rev. Swati Prakash


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Daily meditation is a great way to clear the mind and also to get positive energy flowing inside us.

“Just for today – do not worry.” This is the first Reiki Principle (Reiki is a simple system of energy work that can be learnt by any beginner). 
Stress and strain is harmful to both mind and body. At the same time it can block our manifestation. So try not to get worried or stressed up. Do not use negative words and do not think negative and harmful thoughts. Always be in happy state.If people are being negative – do not let them affect you. If some disturbance or stress is around – just do not absorb it. Take positive steps instead.
Remind yourself daily that you are feeling good. DO NOT SAY negative things in present tense such as – I am worried, I am feeling bad, I don’t have this or that, This person or that person is harming me…..etc etc. 
Put them all behind you in past. You WERE feeling like this and facing negativity but NOW it is all changing. You are changing. So everything will follow.
You can Transform all Tensions into Intentions.
You will see that all goals and targets will be achieved with the power of inner self.
Just relax and make crystal clear intentions
Step 1: Imagine you are in a bubble or cocoon of white light from all around. It will protect you.
Step 2: With eyes closed preferably (but can be done with eyes open also with practice) – Breathe in deeply and breathe out (try breathing in through the nose and breathing out via the mouth) in a relaxed and natural way without straining or thinking. Repeat several times trying to keep mind free of thoughts. Do this for a few minutes any time of the day.

Step 3: After you open eyes say positive affirmations (positive and clear statements) such as the following as many times a day as you can:
- I am now relaxed and positive
- All my targets and goals are achieved effortlessly
- It is easy for me to manifest success
- Today is a great day and wonderful achievements are mine
- I am grateful for all the positive energy in my life
- Everyone and everything is now positive and bright
- I am happy, healthy and I feel great today
So be it!
Ending sentences with Sobeit makes it come alive.
Therefore: Remember to wish for only positive things that Harm None as it is a simple law of nature that what we give is what we get in return. No-one is above this law. Nature is the universe, the god, the goddess. Let us be in balance with nature and its laws. 
Always give and receive goodness.
Blessed Be!
Rev. Swati Prakash

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